Answers to Frequently Ask Questions

1)   Can I sign my child up for a class at any time?
Yes, at Wee Create Art Studio our classes for children run continuously.  We offer four different types of classes, each designed according to appropriate age groups and developments.  Class rates represent a monthly fee, which will be charged to your account at the beginning of each month.  If you register for a class in the middle of the month, you will start at the beginning of the following month.  Your card will be charged on the first of that month, and will continue a rolling payment as long as you are enrolled.

2)   Do you offer any drop-off classes?
At this time we have one drop-off class.  This is our Learning Leonardos class for early elementary aged children.  Please see our class descriptions page for more details and registration options?

3)   What should I do if my child will miss their class time? Are there make-up sessions offered?
At Wee Create the health and safety of our little artists is a priority.  If your child, or yourself, are feeling under the weather, please stay home and rest.  This is a hands-on art space, and little germs will spread fast.  We look forward to seeing you when you are feeling better. Please call or email to let us know you are sick, and we will do our best to arrange a make-up class session for you.

4)   Can we try a class first to see if it’s a good fit for our family?
Yes! Please call (913-721-7477) or email us to arrange a time. Our studio is not open everyday, and we would hate to miss you.

5)   Do you offer classes for elementary aged kids?
Yes! We have a class for early elementary aged children (K-3rd) called Learning Leonardos. Please see our class page for description and registration options. We also have Open Studio times where the whole family can come in and create together, as well as birthday parties for elementary aged children.

Mommy Me Art Classes - Kansas City and Prairie Village

Mommy Me Art Classes - Kansas City and Prairie Village

6)   What should we wear?
The studio space at Wee Create was designed with mess in mind! We want all of our little artists to feel free to explore, and sometimes this can get messy! Please dress your child and yourself accordingly.  We will offer smocks if you prefer.

7)   What is “Open Studio”?
Open Studio is a time designed for the whole family to come into the studio and get creative together. This is a time for children to explore their creative ideas in their own unique way. The staff of Wee Create will be there to monitor and give some guidance if needed, but ultimately this is a time for your child to choose. Each week we will have a few “special” materials for artists to use such as clay or wood, as well as keeping the most popular ones like paint and collage supplies available.  Please see our Open Studio page for more details, schedule and pricing.

8)   Why should my child be involved in art classes at such a young age?
There are many benefits of arts exposure in early childhood learning; everything from fine motor skills, critical thinking, patience, and social skills can be learned through the exploration of art. These are important skills young child need in this developmental stage of life. Please see the links to some supporting articles on our Why Kids Art page.

9)  Does Wee Create offer birthday parties or opportunities for other groups?
Yes! At Wee Create we love to celebrate, and parties are a wonderful time for friends and families to get together. Please see our Celebrations/Birthday Parties page for more details and steps to take when booking your special art event!

10)   Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes, we do. What a wonderful gift to give a little one so full of creativity and wonder! Please stop by our studio or purchase online here. Call before to make sure someone is there!